Nicholas Trawinski

Principal Agent


About Nick

Founder and chief visionary, Nick is the driving force behind the Company. He's passionate about advocating that physicians understand the importance of "True" Own Occupation Disability Insurance.  Nick's been working with Physicians for over 16 years and brings an invaluable wealth of knowledge about insurance products that are designed specifically for White Coat Physicians and Dentists. 

Nick is originally from New Jersey but has been a resident of Winter Garden Florida with his wife Sarah and their five children (Nicholas Jr, Thomas, Benjamin, Samuel, and Charlotte) since 2014.  





William Kibler



*William Kibler offers products and services using the following business names: Trawinski Financial Group – insurance and financial services | Ameritas Investment Company, LLC (AIC), Member   FINRA/SIPC    – securities and investments. AIC is not affiliated with Trawinski Financial Group or any other entity mentioned herein. Products and services are limited to residents of states where the representative is registered. This is not an offer of securities in any jurisdiction, nor is it specifically directed to a resident of any jurisdiction. As with any security, request a prospectus from your representative. Read it carefully before you invest or send money. A representative will contact you to provide requested information. Representatives of AIC do not provide tax or legal advice. Please consult your tax advisor or attorney regarding your situation.

About Will

Will loves taking on challenges and serves his physician clients with passion. Will brings over 10 years of experience in the financial service industry and has proven time and time again to be a tremendous asset to his client's insurance and financial wellbeing.  





Marilyn Borrero



About Marilyn

Marilyn is one of those iconic people in life who can say she loves what she does and our clients love interacting with her. She looks after the community of over 1,000+ White Coat Physicians





Dr. Lawrence Guarino

President - Physician Advisory Board


About Dr. G

Dr. G is the president and head contributor to our Physician Advisory Board.   With Dr. G heading our Board of physicians, we feel confident that the products and services we recommend meet the needs of today's White Coat Physician.





Edward J. Trawinski

Legal Counsel and Licensed Agent


About Ed

Licensed Agent and Legal Counsel, Ed brings a long history of experience and knowledge in group benefits for large corporations and municipalities.  His Legal experience and community volunteer work has spanned over 4 decades.  He is the perfect advisor for medical institutions that provide benefits to hundreds of physicians.




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Since 2004 we have had the privilege of working with thousands of physicians and dentists guiding them through the process of finding the best disability and life insurance to suit their unique needs.  We are an independent agency and because we are independent, we can locate the best options for your individual needs.  We provide side-by-side comparisons and help you understand and interpret the findings so you can choose the coverage that's right for you.  

We are a powerful resource for physicians and dentists who are preparing their personal and business insurance strategies.

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